Boating and Yachting Accidents & Vessel Collisions

At Munch and Munch, P.A., our Florida boat accident personal injury lawyers are uniquely qualified to handle claims involving boat and yacht accidents and vessel collisions. This is because our lead attorney, Jacob Munch, is a Florida Board Certified Maritime Lawyer, who worked at sea for a living before attending law school at Tulane University. This unique knowledge and skill set that Jacob not only possesses but also imparts on the entire firm gives our maritime lawyers at Munch and Munch, P.A. an edge over land based lawyers when pursuing the legal rights of our clients involved in boat accident personal injury lawsuits. Boating and yachting accidents and collisions can be caused in many different ways. Florida has one of the highest, if not the highest, number of boating accidents each year compared to other states. Our Florida boat accident attorneys frequently handle personal injury and wrongful death claims including but not limited to accidents involving: – Yachts – Tenders – Sailboats – Personal watercrafts (wave runners and jet skis) – Cabin cruisers – Center console runabouts – Airboats – Canoes, kayaks, & paddleboards – Inflatable and semi rigid inflatable boats, – Pleasure boats – House boats – Boats trailing passengers who are tubing, water skiing, & wake boarding If you have been injured due to the negligence of a boat operator or owner, including negligent operation at high speed, collision with another watercraft, collision with a fixed object, overcrowding or overloading, defective boat design, ejection from vessel, or failure to know or follow the U.S. Coast Guard’s “rules of the road,” you may be entitled to payment for your medical bills, lost past and future wages, and compensation for your pain and suffering. Your rights as an injury victim of a boating accident depends hugely on your status aboard the vessel. Whether your reason for being on the vessel was for employment purposes, or as an invited guest, our Florida boat accident injury lawyers will help you navigate the law to determine how you must plead your case and how to determine the legally responsible party. These important legal decisions will greatly impact the viability of your case and your amount of recovery. It is vitally important that you contact an experienced Florida maritime attorney to handle your boating or yachting accident claim. To contact our lawyers at Munch and Munch, P.A., you may click to email us, or call 813.254.1557 to have a free consultation about your potential case.

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