Longshoremen and Harbor Worker Injury

Longshoremen and harbor workers have the difficult job of repairing, altering, outfitting, and even constructing ships, loading and unloading cargo, rigging cargo, transferring load trailers, and more, which requires a unique skill set and ability to work with large and often dangerous machinery and equipment. If you or a loved one is employed as a longshoreman or harbor worker, it is critical that you know and understand your legal rights. Under the general maritime law of the United States, an injured longshoreman or harbor worker has the right to seek compensation under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). If you have been injured while on the job as a longshoreman or harbor worker, our Florida Maritime Attorneys at Munch and Munch, P.A. can help guide you through the process of obtaining the compensation you are entitled to by law. The LHWCA is a federal law that gives benefits to longshoremen and harbor workers who become injured on the job in the ship or boat yards located on navigable waters. Workplace injuries for a longshoreman or harbor worker may occur on docks, building ways, wharves, dry docks, graving docks, marine railways, terminals, etc. Harbor workers are also commonly subject to occupational diseases as a result of frequent exposure to asbestos while working at the dry docks and ship yards. This is due to prolonged use of asbestos-containing materials in renovation and construction of ships. If you believe that you are a longshoreman or harbor worker who has suffered an injury or disease due to a workplace hazard, our knowledgeable harbor worker attorneys at Munch and Munch, P.A. can help you file for disability compensation and medical care under LHWCA. However, there is an important distinction between harbor workers and Jones Act Seaman, which can affect your rights and recovery. An experienced maritime lawyer, like Munch and Munch, P.A., can help you determine your status as a maritime worker and to what benefits you are entitled. Call 813-254-1557 or email us to discuss your potential claim.

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